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We care for the art of writing

Phoenix Moirai Publishing is a breath of fresh air in the publishing world.

  • We take pride in working with new and established authors who crave to keep their original vision intact.
  • We only publish top-quality works, but do so with a guiding voice that doesn't tear into the work submitted — we guide the author into shaping their vision into the best possible form.
  • We help and encourage young, new fresh voices and strive to promote the works of authors who have been constantly rejected by big dog publishers.
  • We care about intriguing stories, strong characters and worthwhile journeys no matter the subject matter or genre.
  • We offer more than just publishing. If you need help with any aspect of the process, we'll give you the tools to shape your vision

We are the new destiny in publishing

Our niche is no niche

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Phoenix Moirai Publishing doesn't sit inside a neatly structured box. We enjoy a catalog of diverse titles in diverse genres. As long as the narrative is strong, the characters compelling and the concept entertaining, Phoenix Moirai will publish it, no matter the genre, subject matter or age group.

Our Books Are Sold Through A Majority of Online Retailers*

Available in Paperback and Kindle

Available in Paperback and Nook

Available in eBook format

Available in eBook format only at these online retailers

eBook versions also available in over 20,000 public libraries through OverDrive.

*Some titles may not be available on all channels. If a particular book is not available through your favorite retailer, there may be a delay in processing or it is not currently being shipped to them. Please let us know so that we may look into either fixing the issue or adding it in the future.

More Than Just Publishing

Remarkable cover designs that speak to your audience through captivating images

Layouts that capture the aesthetic of your story

Creative and technical editing services to bring out the best in your work

Ghost writing services for those with a story to tell

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Phoenix Moirai Publishing is not

currently accepting submissions

We regret to inform you that Phoenix Moirai Publishing is not currently open for submissions. Any unsolicited ideas, manuscripts or queries will be deleted without reading.* Any books we publish will have been directly solicited from the author.


But we still want to hear from you. If you have a review for one of our books, have a question for any of our authors, would like to request a quote for a cover design or editing help, or would simply like to chat about anything related to publishing, please fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Who knows — we may see something we like in your writing and request to see more. Anything can happen at Phoenix Moirai!

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*Please be aware that ideas are always being generated at Phoenix Moirai Publishing. Any ideas, plots, characters and otherwise created by, written by or published by Phoenix Moirai or authors of Phoenix Moirai that are similar to any unsolicited manuscripts, ideas or queries that may be sent via this form are entirely coincidental.






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